5 Different Types of Roaches

There are tons of varieties of cockroaches. Much more than we'd like to admit. And a lot of us would rather pretend that none of them exist. Unfortunately for us, they do. How many? Well. If you wanna get technical about it, there are about 4,500 different species of cockroaches. Yikes. But only around 30 are considered the annoying, spine crawling pests that you're familiar with.

Which already is far too many. Despite us throwing our shoes at these nasty pests, there's not a whole lot we know about them. Not unless you're a bug fanatic, chances are you won't be able to tell them apart.

Cockroaches aren't only gross creepy crawling pests but also hold a threat against your well being. Not only do some carry a terrible stench and risk setting off an allergic reaction, but the types of diseases carried by these nasty things are nothing to joke about! While they aren't the reason for the black plague or anything, often times when you spot a cockroach it can give you a pretty good insight on the state of hygiene of place.

Hotels and restaurants sporting cockroaches aren't a place you wanna sit down for nap or lunch.

Cockroaches can bite. But the real risk is the filth their bodies are coated in that pose a threat to humans.

Some of the diseases they can be blamed for however would be Typhoid, amoebiasis, dysentery and polio.

Why Learn The Different Types?

Easy. So you can determine the best way to exterminate the problem and get back to living in your home in peace. Or for some of us who are too cheap to stay at five star hotels, it's always nice to tell what kind of bug you saw over there in the corner. - But honestly, that's usually it's at that point that you wanna ask for your money back. So what are the defining features of a cockroach?

⧫ Patterns: No matter how small, most cockroaches have some sort of defining pattern. You usually can't get a good look at this if you've got live cockroaches crawling around, but if you've found some dead pests, it's a great opportunity to classify these disgusting critters!

⧫ Colors: Cockroaches come in a variety of dark browns, yellows, oranges reds and more. Always blending in to the coffee table or hardwood floors. Making it especially hard to define if it's a cockroach at all, let alone which type.

⧫ Region: One of the easiest ways to determine what type of cockroach might be infesting your home is what state you're in. This can help narrow down what you're up against right away!

⧫ Size: Unfortunately for us, cockroaches aren't tiny little things. But different types vary in size. Some massive, others tiny. Either way, you don't want either in your home!

1. American Cockroach

Crawling up your drains and pipes, equipped with a orange-brownish shell, the American Cockroach can be found in apartments, homes and basically any place at all! If it's dirty, they're there! These cockroaches are not patriotic. What they are, are disease ridden, dirty pests that carry (AND SPREAD) up to 33 different kinds of bacteria! Parasitic worms are just accessories for these gross pests, toting six different kinds of parasitic worms. If that wasn't bad enough they can carry around with them 7 different human pathogens! Crawling through animal carcasses and sewage is to blame. Which these nasty things have no problem with!

2. German Cockroaches

Catching a ride of your suitcase from hotel to home or sticking along with some resold appliances, the German Cockroach is known as a hitchhiker. Found in bathrooms, kitchens both commercial and residential. These cockroaches will eat on anything. ANYTHING! That includes starches and sweets, meats and basically anything. It's a lot easier to peg what a cockroach won't eat, rather than what it will. Desperate for self indulgence, these omnivores will eat anything! Carrying just as much disease and parasitic worms as the American Cockroach, these gross cockroaches are nothing you want to bring home with you.

3. Smokey Brown Roach

Dawning a mahogany colored shell, these plant loving cockroaches thankfully aren't all over the US. Favoring tropical locations, these cockroaches love water and warm temperatures. The Smokey Brown Roach is a regular among greenhouses whenever they can be. They're about 1.5" and travel around the US via shipments of fruits and plants.

While notably less threatening on the diseases and parasitic worms, these cockroaches are an enemy to gardens. Making even the most patient gardeners fed up!

4. Oriental Cockroach

Found in the north of the US, these black super shiny cockroaches are the last thing you want to encounter when cleaning the drain. They love damp areas, like basements or kitchens and are often found outside. Although if it gets a little too chilly, you can bet your bug spray they'll be trying to move in! These cockroaches prefer the garbage cans for their dining rooms and love starchy foods. But their favorite thing, is moisture. You might find these nasty cockroaches under a pile of leaves, rocks or really anyplace that could be hiding some moisture! Like the cockroaches above, these 1/2" cockroaches carry all sorts of disease and six parasitic worms, as a result of crawling over decaying garbage and through sewage. There's no doubt that an infestation of these nasty little crawlers will make you wanna move out of the north the first chance you get!

5. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

If you're squrimish it's time to get out now! While the Madagascar hissing cockroach is one pest you won't have to worry about finding under a bag of garbage, it's always good to take a second and be happy you won't be encountering this pest. Unless you happen to take a trip to Madagascar. In which case. Stop reading.

Oval shaped and a shiny brown the males of the species come with large horns. Which they use like any other horned creature as a means of defense and a resolve for confrontation! Also. Yes you read the title right, that's Madagascar HISSING cockroach. And that is in fact because it hisses. Yes, hisses. Part of the mating ritual for the Madagascar hissing cockroach; these 5 to 7.cm long cockroaches breath out through little breathing holes.

Thankfully, these giant cockroach usually feast on plants and like to stick to the forest floor! Either way, it's a good day to not be in Madagascar!

How To Get Rid Of Them!

So I bet you're wondering after all this talk about cockroaches and critters, how exactly one would go about exterminating them. The most common answer of course is to call someone to do it for you! But this isn't the only way, and if it's just the beginning of the invasion then it's possible to tackle it on your own. There's plenty of sprays and cockroach traps that do the smaller jobs just fine. Making sure there's no moisture or easy access for these nasty things are important. But the most important way of prevention is to just keep it from happening with regular cleaning. Not only of the cleaning you have inside but also the cleaning of products and items you BRING inside. Like tokens from a yard sale or your suitcase after that trip to the Bahamas!

Now that you have a good idea about how to tell which cockroach is which, you can be sure of which you want to get rid of - happy exterminating!

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