How to Search Out And Find Bed Bug Dirt

Bed bugs have become a major problem and clearing them out is not exactly the easiest thing to do. It usually involves using several methods until you find the combination that works. Ironically, locating them can be a bit more complicated than flipping a mattress. The most important way to find and locate bed bugs is to search out their feces commonly referred to as bed bug dirt.

While this is certainly disgusting and not something we like to think about, it is something that we must do to effectively treat and remove bed bug infestations. It begins with understanding what feces looks like.

Bed bug feces often presents as a series of brown, red or rusty colored stains. These stains are a mixture of feces and leftover blood and are a primary sign of bed bug infestation. While bed bugs can sometimes be tough to locate, you can certainly verify that they are present through these stains.

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To check for bed bug stains, begin by stripping your sheets and inspecting them. Make sure you are in good lighting when you do this bed bug stain inspection and slowly check them from top to bottom. These stains are often found in a series of marks and can vary in size. Generally speaking, they are small like the bugs themselves. Keep in mind that a bed bug isoften only a fraction of an inch in size and can hide in the tiniest of places.

Once you have checked your sheets thoroughly, you will then need to go through the bed itself to inspect for bed bug stains. Some folks say that using a black light works well, but this method has had varying degrees of success in DIY forums online. A good lighting system is enough for you to see these stains clearly.

check mattress sofa with light for bed bug

Take the mattress and check it closely. There is a good chance you will see the bugs themselves while doing this inspection and if you do, no further inspection is required. If not, keep digging for the stains. Stand the mattress up on end and check all the seams closely. Now check the bed-frame taking special precautions to look under the edges and in the nooks. Once you have inspected this far, then searching out the carpet and the surrounding items is a good idea. Keep in mind these bed bug stains are most likely to be on the sheets and mattress, but they are found in other hiding spots nearby as well.

Once you have gone through this entire area and found no stains or actual bugs, the odds are pretty good that you will have no bed bug problems. The stains are a very big part of finding out the level of problem you have, so searching this way is imperative if you suspect a bed bug problem.

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