How to Know if You Have Been Bitten By A Bed Bug

Bed bug bites are not as cut and dried as some might have you believe. The bites can be quite variable and can also mimic bites of other insects. Because they are so similar in appearance to flea bites and mosquito bites, many people dismiss them without much attention. This affords the bed bugs to multiply and turn into a full blown infestation. Early detection does make a difference in getting rid of these critters, so don’t ignore unidentified bites.

The anatomy of a bed bug bite:

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When a bed bug bites you, it injects something that causes you not to feel the bite. This allows them to feed without much attention or danger of being discovered. They also inject an anticoagulant that makes the blood come out easier and make it simple to feed. Because the bite is silent, the bed bugs are small and the deed is done while you sleep, the odds of actually seeing a bed bug bite you are slim to none. This is one of the toughest problems with figuring out what kind of bites you are suffering from.

After anywhere from one to seven days, you will begin to notice round bites on your skin that will itch like crazy. Sometimes you will not even notice the red marks until you start itching at them and develop a skin problem. Once you do notice bites, it is important to treat them and figure out the source.

What do bed bug bites look like?

Bed bug bites are generally red and swollen much like a mosquito bite or flea bite. They can appear in various places or in a straight line on a patch of skin. Some have said that bed bug bites are found most prevalently in patches of skin that are revealed when you sleep, but they can and will also go under your pajamas to feed if the opportunity arises. Bed bug bites are non-descriptive and can’t be identified with certainty based on the bites alone. Because of this, they are generally confirmed by finding the bugs. This is rather easy and can be done quite easily by inspecting your bed and other measures found here .

What are the possible outcomes of bed bug bites?

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Bed bug bites are usually extremely itchy and they can develop welts and other skin problems. If left untreated and itched long enough, this can cause infections and further problems down the road. In extreme cases, bed bug bites can cause allergic reactions. Though extremely rare, some folks suffer from anaphylaxis,a serious allergic reaction. Insomnia is another common complaint for those that suffer from bed bug bites. The itching and irritation can cause you to not sleep well and then feel horrible the next day.

Identifying bed bug bites is not all that tough if you use some common sense. If you develop red itchy areas and they are appearing while you are inside, consider your situation. Do you have fleas or pets that might carry fleas in the house? Have you spent a great deal of time outside to get mosquito bites? If these two things are not likely, the odds are pretty good that you could have bed bug problem. Start procedures right away to get rid of them because left alone, they will become a major problem and never go away.

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