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7 Common Bugs Mistaken For Bed Bugs

Everyone’s familiar with bed bugs – the tiny bugs that live in a bed, bite you when you’re sleeping and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Whenever you see a bug in your bed or start to find some unexplainable bites on your body, that feeling of dread starts to set in. Don’t panic […]

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Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Quick Navigation1. Wash Your Bedding At Very High Temperatures2. Remove All Of Them From The Headboard And The Bed Frame3. Vacuum Everything4. Alcohol5. A Tea Tree Oil Miracle6. Spray Essential Oils7. Experiment With Kidney Beans8. Diatomaceous Earth for a Bug-Free Home9. Lavender Oil for a Magical Cure10. Prepare for an Infusion of Lemongrass11. Petroleum Jelly12. […]

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How to Know if You Have Been Bitten By A Bed Bug

Bed bug bites are not as cut and dried as some might have you believe. The bites can be quite variable and can also mimic bites of other insects. Because they are so similar in appearance to flea bites and mosquito bites, many people dismiss them without much attention. This affords the bed bugs to […]

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How to Avoid Bed Bugs while travelling

When we visit other places, we are literally targets for bed bugs to hitch a ride. Motels and hotels are particularly common places to pick them up but so too are old clothes, furniture and other common items. If you are taking a trip and plan to be staying somewhere that is suspect, consider the […]

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How to Search Out And Find Bed Bug Dirt

Bed bugs have become a major problem and clearing them out is not exactly the easiest thing to do. It usually involves using several methods until you find the combination that works. Ironically, locating them can be a bit more complicated than flipping a mattress. The most important way to find and locate bed bugs […]

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Bed bugs: How to Get Rid of Them

When you get a bed bug infestation, it can seem like the end of the world. You read horror stories about them all the time and wonder, how do you get rid of bed bugs? Are they destined to stay forever once they take up residence? The good news is that bed bugs can be […]

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