Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Do you know that cockroaches are one of the oldest insects who invaded the Earth along with dinosaurs? That is right, these terrible insects managed to adjust to the weather conditions and getting rid of them will not be so easy. It can be a real challenge for many homeowners since they can consume almost anything even human hair. Disgusting, right? But eating your food is not the worst thing. Cockroaches spread bacteria, microorganisms and even allergies. In fact, the World Health Organization says that these insects are responsible for many dangerous diseases even cancer. They are much more dangerous than you think. Cockroaches are a problem that does not go away by itself. Cockroaches are our uninvited and unwelcome guests. Therefore, anyone with a cockroach in their house, wants to get rid of them.

There are a lot of products that promise to help you get rid of them permanently, but most of them have certain drawbacks: cockroaches disappear but for a short time, the home will have an unpleasant smell, and most of them contain chemical products that are dangerous for the health of humans and animals. So, in order to avoid using such products, it is important to prevent roaches from invading your home. How can you make that happen?

Keep Your House Clean

A clean house is the key to keeping the cockroaches away from your home. Your kitchen must always be clean. Quickly clean the crumbs and the drinks that you spilled while drinking. Wipe the whole area and make sure that everything is clean. Especially pay attention to the area around the burners on the stove, because cockroaches prefer oily surfaces.

Store your food in closed containers and do not keep the food for a long period of time. It is strictly prohibited to leave dirty dishes overnight. Make sure to wash them every time you are done eating.

Regularly throw the trash from your home.

Repair leaking faucets and generally all leaks in your home. Roaches are attracted to water.

Put mothballs in the corners. Roaches hate their smell.

If you think that cockroaches are entering the drains pour inexpensive bleach down the drain regularly before leaving the house in the morning. For stronger solution, mix the bleach with borax in a ratio of 1 to 3.

Move firewood and debris that is in front of the house. Be very careful when you bring firewood in the house and make sure you put it in the fireplace immediately. Cockroaches prefer piles of wood and other nice places to hide, and when the weather is colder, they will move into the house to stay warm.

Seal cracks in exterior walls. Roaches will stay away from your home if you block the entrance. You can use silicon for that process.

Seal cracks in the home wherever you can. This takes time, but is worth it because it will eliminate most of their favorite hiding places. You'll need a lot of polyurethane foam / silicone and plaster, big boxes and silicone gun. Fill every crack within each cabinet, on both sides of the floor, doors and windows, as well as all the holes around pipes in the bathroom and kitchen. This will bring a significant change and the whole house will function better and will definitely be much cleaner.

Use professional products. Many of them can be found on the Internet. Professional traps, sticky traps with pheromones and professional sprays that are more effective than products purchased at a local store.

Call a professional. If the above-mentioned methods fail, consult a professional pest control. They have the permission to use stronger chemicals and your family will still be safe.

If this fails, then call in a specialist for pesticides that will kill all the cockroaches. They are real experts and will deliver the results you expect.


If you step on female cockroaches, the eggs can still remain on your shoes, because they are protected with a durable material that will not be damaged. The eggs will not be damaged and they will still remain in your home and hatch after a short period of time. In particular, you will not succeed in keeping your home clean if you walk with those shoes on the carpet or around the house.

If you step on a cockroach, be sure to thoroughly clean the area and wash it. Clean your shoes and disinfect them before you wear them again. To get rid of dead cockroaches, simply flush them down the toilet.

Do not even think that it will be enough to just throw them in the trash. The eggs will hatch safe, and male cockroaches are growing rapidly. So, soon you will have a whole invasion of cockroaches in your home. This requires a more serious approach.


Cockroaches reproduce themselves at an incredible speed. What you need to do is immediately take care of the problem to get rid of them, or you may have to face a large invasion. If you see just one cockroach in your home, know that that is not the only insect you have in your home. They are very good at hiding, so many homeowners do not even know that they have insects in their homes (they have a tendency to hide in wall cracks, floor cracks, door cracks…)

Want to avoid harmful chemicals? Many traps and tools will allow you to do that, or you can use boric acid, eucalyptus oil and ground coffee to get rid of them. Test all the options you have available and try which one works best. They may not work on all the pests, but you will at least be able to control the infestation of cockroaches, but most importantly, they not cost nearly as expensive as the chemicals. And chemicals are not only expensive but also very harmful. If possible, avoid using them and try natural methods to prevent cockroaches from invading your home.

Make sure you always clean after your pet and keep the yard clean all the time, because cockroaches can eat feces from pets or they will simply bring it in the house and also pollute the whole pace.

Do not stockpile things. Cockroaches will settle in everything - from paper to clothing. This also applies for the garage, attic and basement. They can live everywhere. Do not keep old clothes or paper unprotected in your attic or garage. Make sure you pack everything in special bags or boxes that provide full protection. That way you will keep your things safe and keep roaches away from your home.


Insecticides, baits for cockroaches and other chemicals can be highly toxic to people (especially children) and pets, so be sure to read the instructions on them and literally follow the manufacturer's instructions.

If you are not able to get rid of cockroaches by yourself and their number just keeps increasing, it is recommended to talk to a professional immediately. It is not an expensive investment, but it will definitely clean your whole place from these disgusting insects. There are hundreds and hundreds of pest control companies that own professional equipment and have proven methods that work 100%. Choose the one that suits you best and offers you the best rate.

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