Easy Ways To Kill Roaches In Your Car

No one likes to think about this, but human beings and cockroaches actually have two crucial needs in common. Both species need food and water to survive. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to remember that just about any space with potential/existing access points can become a haven for cockroaches. We know this to be true with our homes, particularly with kitchens and bathrooms. At the same time, we also forget that the logic that combines cockroaches with homes can also be applied to things like your car.

Yes, unfortunately, your car can be a breeding ground for cockroaches!

How Did Cockroaches Get In My Car?

First of all, let’s ask the big question: Do you eat in your car? Does anyone else eat in your car?

If you do, don’t feel bad. These days, most of us don’t have the time to sit down at a table and eat a meal. We have to grab something from the fridge, or we have to get something on the way to work, or on the way home from work. Furthermore, if you ever have to spend more than a couple of hours in your car, there is a good chance you’re going to have something to eat or drink. It’s almost inevitable at this point.

The problem with that, unfortunately, is that cleaning out the car is actually pretty difficult. In terms of the degree to which you would want to keep your car clean, in order to make it completely unappealing to cockroaches, most of us just don’t have that kind of time. If you have children, forget about it. One important thing to keep in mind with cockroaches is that when it comes to an attractive food source, they don’t need a lot of motivation.

If your car has issues with flooding, it’s also possible that this could be attracting the roaches.

Either way, if you notice roaches in your car, you do not want to hesitate to act. Deal with the situation immediately. Thankfully, we have four things you can do that should ensure roaches never show up in your car again.

1. Clean (A Lot)

This sounds like a commonsense suggestion, but we really need to drive that home. You need to clean, and you need to do a pretty thorough job. Obviously, the idea is to clean with an eye towards removing their potential food sources once and for all.

Getting rid of everything cockroaches like to eat means getting rid of just about everything that is in your car. Any food that has been opened will have to go. You’re also going to want to get rid of any empty containers that are in your car. Even paper wrappers can provide cockroaches with enough sustenance to make your car an appealing place to stop by. Even papers you may have laying around are going to need to be removed. You will want to extend this cleaning to all aspects of your car, which will include glove compartments, trunks, side panels, and seat pockets. You’re also going to want to check under the seats.

Vacuum absolutely everything. This includes the trunk. Remove the mats and rugs, cleaning them separately. You may even want to use a rug shampoo for the carpet and seats, which ensures the elimination of any roach eggs, as well.

2. Stop Eating In The Car

This one is going to be difficult. We get it. However, if you are truly serious about getting rid of the cockroaches in your car, then you are going to want to retire eating and drinking in the car once and for all. This includes everyone in the family. This includes guests. This will certainly have to include yourself, as well.

It’s difficult. We do spend a good deal of time in our cars. What is your average commute? It’s probably long enough that you really can’t imagine going without a snack, your morning coffee, or anything else that you tend to bring with you on the road.

But again, if you want to be rid of roaches, you need to make a concerted effort to eat in your car as infrequently as possible. There are going to be teams in which not eating is pretty much impossible. Again, if you have kids, keeping food out of the car is a challenge. However, it is still in your best interest to try. If you do eat in the car, clean it up at once. Some people even get into the habit of buying and keeping a small, portable vacuum in the car. Others will add that getting rid of your rugs and mats can make cleaning out your car after the occasional meal even easier.

3. Boric Acid

Of all the options to kill cockroaches in the home that are available to you, boric acid might be your best bet. The particles of boric acid cling to the roaches, and the slight abrasiveness of the boric acid will work to dehydrate the roach over a fairly short period of time. As the roaches clean themselves, they will ingest the boric acid that has become stuck to their legs. Extremely toxic to cockroaches, you can count on the boric acid to obliterate their digestive systems.

However, keep in mind that physical contact for humans can be problematic, as well. While not lethal, exposure to boric acid with humans can cause nausea, skin irritations, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, and other symptoms. With infants, children, the elderly, or those with sensitive skin/respiratory problems, boric acid can be particularly dangerous. Make sure to clean the car of boric acid afterwards, if you choose to use this product.

If you or anyone else comes into contact with boric acid, seek medical attention immediately.

4. Preventative Measures

Beyond the “no eating in the car” rule, there are a few more things you can do, if you want to make sure the cockroaches don’t come back.

In the first place, you can consider the portable vacuum cleaner idea we mentioned before. Between that and removing the rugs/carpets (which some of us would rather not do, but again, if you’re serious about keeping things as unappealing as possible), cleaning your car should be pretty easy. Keeping things as pristine as possible is ultimately going to be the best preventative measure of all.

Another possibility: You may also want to make sure no one leaves their bags, backpacks, or similar items in the car. Roaches are pretty clever, and it can be easy for them to use a bag or backpack as a means of getting in your car.

Closing Thoughts

Fumigation is an option for your car, but it really needs to be a last resort. The insecticide in these products can be extremely dangerous, and airing out your car after such a thing can be difficult. However, the EPA doesn’t advise against using them completely. They simply suggest using an extreme degree of caution.

Bait traps are also a possibility. However, these don’t seem to have a very high success rate with people. Our advice is to use the four suggestions mentioned above, before moving on to more extreme measures like bombs and sprays.

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