How Can I Keep Stray Cats Out of My Yard

Amongst all the pets, cats hold a privilege of being the most wanted and popular pet animal in the world. This is so because they are considered the most entertaining, adaptable, adventurous, curious and also affectionate animal that could be found anywhere around.

In recent times the cat population including the household cats and stray cats together has increased to a large extent. The household cats being apart, there could be enough nuisances created by the stray cats by damaging one’s garden, land or lawn. They sometimes go to the extent of destroying the plants and seeds in the yard by digging or clawing. Not only this, they could also hunt on small birds and fishes managed by the owner. Additionally, there are problems of heath threat given by these cats by way of serious infections which could be very serious in humans and no wonder it could also turn out to be fatal.

Having said this, there are also a number of ways by which one can keep such stray cats out of the yard, though some might just help temporarily. At this point, one must also remember that no such measures should be taken that could harm the cat as it is against the laws of animal welfare society.

  • ​Cat repellents should be first resort since most of the cats are out of the yard with an effective repellent. Water sprinkler which has a special motion detector is one of them which sprinkles or rather fires water and frighten the cats harmlessly. It has to be placed where the cats visit regularly and create damage. This could serve as an inexpensive, quick and efficient cat repellent.
  • Generally cats roam around areas where food is available with less effort. Thus it is better to prevent feeding your pets outside the house and also make sure to cover all the vents that could invite these cats for a free meal.
  • Try and clear all the places that could be a possible shelter for the stray cats to breed and widen the family.
  • Inform the local animal welfare association who can help in catching hold of such stray cats and leave them in better places far from your garden.
  • Pinecones or prickly cones could be scattered over the yard. This is also believed to work well. Even plastic cones stuck into the ground can do a similar job.
  • Old therapy of scaring the cats is another harmless and easiest ways of keeping them far from your garden. A sound, be it a barking of dog or even yelling could be accompanied along with detecting sensors will stop the cats to further venture into your yard.
  • Cats don’t like walking on eggshells, aluminum foil, chicken wire and other bristly things. Put loads of them and spread in your yard.
  • Strong scented plants like lavender, citrus fruits, garlic etc can be planted which can discourage the cats from coming inside.

Cats can be wonderful pets as long as you love them and take care of them and by not doing this, your pet cat can become your neighbor’s stray cat who in turn will resort to any of the above measures to keep your cat away from his yard!

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